Kuni Saburo

A young and impetuous Kuni Shugenja


A young member of the Kuni family, Saburo is tall, even for his clan. He wears his hair somewhat longer and looser than is the norm in the Crab clan. His traditional makeup is usually a simple affair of white with black slashes around the eyes, but can be more elaborate if he prepares to go into battle.


h1The Third and youngest son of Kuni Raizu and a Hida Sumiko, Saburo and his older brother Jiro showed an affinity for the Kami and the magical arts early on.

Although he wasn’t the most attentive student, and the more subtle forms of magic seem to either escape or fail to interest him, his undeniable talent with Earth’s raw, brutal spells and combat techniques earned him a late Gempukku.

Since then he has been traveling Crab lands with his brother Jiro, plying his trade as a Shugenja and investigating occurences of shadowland creatures and other supernatural happenings. Although he can get very easily distracted, he still performed well in his duties, but failed to earn much recognition from his clan or his father.

Saburo has an elder brother, Ichiro, trained as a Kaiu engineer and a very young sister Akiko. His father being away on duty most of the time, his uncle Kuni Mokadaizu manage the family estates and acts as a mentor for Jiro and Saburo

Kuni Saburo

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