Matsu Boku

"Arouse a bee and it will come at you with the force of a dragon."


The Matsu line of the Mirumoto family claims a direct descent from a legendary Taoist Swordsman named Mirumoto Matsumichi and is said to have been a favorite of Togashi.

Before their marriage, Matsuboku’s father and mother, Matsudohako and Tamame, made the traditional pilgrimage to a fortune-telling monk, who was also a distantly related cousin.

Of the fortunes that the monk revealed, he included a prophecy concerning their children:
“You will have 4 sons and 3 of them will exhibit the qualities most revered by our clan: the Word, the Warrior, and Perfection – Bun Mu fu Zen. A fourth will describe his own path, but will bring as much honor as his brothers to the clan.”

So, the couple married and produced their first heir, whom the monk decreed should be named “Matsubun” for he would embody the spirit of Learning and was destined to inherit his father’s lands. His brother, “Matsumu”, followed and was destined to learn under the tutelage of his Kitsuki cousins.

There was a long period between births where only daughters were produced until finally Tamame gave birth to their third son who was quickly named “Matsuzen” and promised to the temple — for they had forsaken any hope of producing other sons the carrying of Matsuzen to term having been the most trying.

Matsu Boku

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